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General Hassan Abu Sa'da

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8th of October 1973, Hassan Abu Sa'da the leader of the second infantries division by the second field army stopped a counterattack by Israeli armored brigade 190 -Tanks of this brigade was about 75 to 100 tank- and destroyed most of its tanks and captured one of the brigade detachments colonel Assaf Yagoury

How did general Hassan Abu Sa'da captured colonel Assaf Yagoury ?

Gamal Hammad the military historian said (The decision of the leader of the second infantries division by the second field army Hassan Abu Sa'da was considering a new style to the enemy destruction, he attracted his armored forces to a murder place and let it penetrate the division and approach until a distance of 3 kilometers of the canal.

The decision of the leader of the second infantries division Hassan Abu Sa'da was very dangerous and at his personal responsibility .... the surprise was marvelous and success was great..... when the tanks entered the murder place all kinds of weapons opened fire by an order from Hassan Abu Sa'da.... and this caused a hell for armored Israeli forces.... and in a few minutes most of the tanks were destructed and colonel Assaf Yagoury (leader of the first detachment of 190 armored brigade) with 8 tanks were captured.)-Gamal Hammad from his book Military Battles on the Egyptian front line

About El Ferdan battle General Mohamed El Gamsy chief of operations of the war of 1973 states in his memorials (The Israeli tanks penetrated Hassan Abu Sa'da positions to reach to Suez Canal ....and while Israeli tanks were approaching to Suez Canal and Adan (Commander of Division) was full of hope .......the Israeli tanks were surprised that they are in the middle of a murder place and Egyptian anti-tanks weapons opened fire from 3 different sides in same time.... and the most powerful surprise was that Israeli tanks were destroyed with fast rate by Egyptian artillery and anti-tanks weapons.

And the rushed 35 israeli tanks preceding the attack which is led by colonel Assaf Yagoury were surprised and 30 tanks were destroyed in less than half an hour

Assaf Yagoury and his crew jumped from the leadership tank to hide in one of the holes for a few minutes and then were captured by Egyptian soldiers.......his destructive tank still in the battlefield as a witness of this battle after war

I felt completely comfortable when I heard these news in operation center and I phoned Hassan Abu Sa'da to congratulate him and praised the planning and the implementation

I was so happy when I heard from him about the high morale of our soldiers and their insistence to defeat the enemy)-Mohamed El Gamsy

Anwar Al Sadat (the late Egyptian president) say (The one who did that action was one of new buds, his name is Hassan Abu Sa'da)-Anwar Al Sadat's book "Search about the Ego"


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